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How to Auto-Post First Comment with PLANOLY

Instagram is a busy place with lots of competing content. It’s important to share a valuable and actionable message on your posts, but there may be additional important details or hashtags that complement your primary message.

With auto-posting your first comment on Instagram, you can keep your caption simple & clean while easily adding additional details that auto-post with your content as a first comment. Directly publish your first comment on Instagram posts - including carousel posts (on Web). This feature is available for paid PLANOLY accounts with a linked Instagram Business account.

You’ll also need to ensure your post is eligible for auto-posting to Instagram (read more about that here!).

How to Auto-Post First Comments from PLANOLY to Instagram

Step #1: Go to your PLANOLY Mobile App or Web Dashboard.

Step #2: When scheduling content to post, you can access the First Comment feature by clicking on the speech bubble icon below the caption box.

Step #3: After you click the speech bubble, you’ll see a text box appear where you can add your first comment.

Step #4: Add your comment, and click ‘Save.’

PLANOLY Pro-Tip: You can copy hashtags from the hashtag manager into your first comment. This will allow you to reach new audiences with hashtags while saving your caption from the clutter of hashtags.

Other First Comment Guidelines:

- Character Limit: 2,000 Characters*

- Hashtag Limit : 30 Hashtags

- User Tagging: 10 Users

- Social Networks: Instagram only

- Combined total Hashtags between Caption and First Comment: 30

Simplify your captions and streamline your Instagram content strategy by auto-posting your first comments. If you’re new to PLANOLY, you can try this feature for free for 7 days.

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