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Grow Your Social Following 6X in 2024

At Planoly, we’re officially calling 2024 the year of the creator. This is your year to get inspired, stay organized & be consistent on social. Whether you’re a seasoned pro at content creation trying to pump yourself up for the new year or an aspiring creator taking the leap into the social world for the first time, Planoly is here to help. Consider Planoly your social-savvy bestie to help you achieve your wildest dreams in 2024. We know what it takes to go all the way from your very first post to consistently creating viral content - plus we’ve got the data and tools to prove it. Planoly creators who posted every week on social for 3 months grew their following 6X on average last year.

In this blog, we’ll chat through a few different ways Planoly can help with every piece of your social planning process. From finding content inspiration to auto-posting to every channel, Planoly has everything you need in a single workspace to grow your following and your business in 2024.

What we're talking about

  • Find Inspiration every day
  • Create thoughtful share-worthy content for social
  • Keep Going!

Find inspiration every day

It can be hard to know what to post. Content blockers are a primary reason why we see creators stop posting consistently. That’s why Planoly has multiple tools to help inspire you and create an endless bank of ideas. First, the Planoly calendar is an excellent resource for upcoming social events. Never miss another National Margarita Day again. Each month, you’ll see new events on the calendar. The calendar also includes the ability to add a note. If you have an idea for an upcoming event or want to leave yourself a reminder about a post you need to create, notes are an easy way to do this.

One other hidden gem within the Planoly calendar is the weekly trending ideas. Every Monday, our social experts curate 3 new trending sounds or videos. Not only that, but they include ways to repurpose the content for your own brand. You’ll never run out of inspiration.

Another way to keep your ideas flowing is to use Planoly’s Ideas Manager. You can save any kind of idea (including sound URLs!) to refer back to when you’re ready to plan. We see a lot of creators use the Ideas Manager to create folders of content based on content pillars or seasonal campaigns. So, jump into your Ideas Manager today and start building out your ideas to reference all year long.

Create thoughtful share-worthy content for social

Once you have your best ideas brainstormed, it’s time to turn those ideas into reality. As a creator, you need to maximize the time you spend creating the perfect content for your audience. Planoly has added some of the best editing and creating tools into your workspace so that you can save time and stay organized. If you’re a Canva lover, there’s a direct connection with Canva within Planoly. Once you create a post, you can select Canva as a source and add or edit Canva designs directly in Planoly. Planoly also has video and image editing tools directly on the scheduling page, so you can easily crop or adjust your content before scheduling.

After you’ve spent time creating content, it can be hard to shift to drafting an engaging caption for your content. Planoly’s AI Caption Writer can help alleviate caption writing blocks. Unlike other AI caption writers, Planoly’s AI Caption Writer has multiple curated tone personas you can choose from. This way, you’re creating thoughtful on-brand captions that resonate with your audience.

The finishing touch to your content is making sure it meets your visual design expectations. With the “preview” functionality on the Planoly scheduling page, you’ll be able to see what your post looks like prior to scheduling. Once you’ve confirmed everything is ready to go, you can auto-post all of your content automatically with Planoly. In fact, we’ve auto-posted content over 30 million times for our creators.

Keep going!

We see you. It can be hard to stay consistent when you may not see the results right away. Some content goes viral on certain channels, while on other channels it may feel like you’re getting crickets. Or, you may not be getting any traction at all yet. Let us remind you that consistency is key.

Planoly has auto-posting for every channel including TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, X, Pinterest & Linkedin. With auto-post, you can create a consistent stream of content for every channel. Plus, you can easily repurpose across every channel, since you can schedule everything at the same time. By setting your content to auto-post, you’re freeing up more time to hop on trends as they arise or focus on other areas of your business. Planoly also has a Mobile App, so it’s easy to tweak things on the go when you need to without being tethered to your computer.

It takes time to grow your business on social, but we believe in you. We see your hustle and we know 2024 is going to be your best year yet. Give Planoly a try free for 7 days, and let’s start your viral era together.

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