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The Future of Social Commerce with Planoly + Snipfeed: A Message From Our CEO

ICYMI - Planoly has acquired Snipfeed, a creator monetization product, link-in-bio, and online storefront to help you take your business to the next level.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m the CEO of Planoly, Katelyn MacKay (or Sorensen if I’m signing a contract). I live in Austin, Texas, am a foodie and coffee connoisseur, unwind by reading or puzzling, and am obsessed with my family (Hi Alli, Camden & Theo!).

I tend to hide from the spotlight, but I’m working on it, and this news was too exciting not to share personally.

We’ve been working for a while on shaking things up at Planoly; driving innovation, getting back to our roots, and living up to our vision – Empowering creators to make a living by sharing their passion with the world. This is a huge step towards that and I want to explain what this acquisition and partnership means to Planoly, and hopefully, what it will mean for you.

Why Snipfeed?

As a team, we spent time soul-searching last year, thinking about how we could innovate with Planoly, and make a difference with our product. Through that process, we interviewed hundreds of creators and took the time to really understand what support they needed, and where they were seeing gaps in their toolkit.

It’s probably not super surprising that monetization and expanded link-in-bio tooling were the top requests. We had the tools to support creators in sharing their passion, but not to truly make a living.

Planoly expanded our Linkit tool with Sellit checkout in 2020, but with the continued evolution of social commerce, our users need more in 2024. Linkit and Sellit are sticking around, but we wanted to provide even more advanced capabilities - customization, a streamlined workflow, more product types, and content scheduling.

Enter Snipfeed. When we started having conversations with the team last year, we instantly knew Snipfeed was what we were looking for. Not only could an integration extend Planoly’s feature set, but we could also help creators faster.

Snipfeed was started by three amazing founders, Redouane Ramdani, Anas Bouassami, and Pierre-Habte Nouvellon to shake up the future of work. What started as a content discovery platform, quickly turned into a leading creator monetization tool and digital storefront.  

“Growing up watching YouTube, we saw firsthand how creators changed lives, including ours. Yet, it struck us how these creators, despite their massive impact, were often at the mercy of platforms dictating their earnings. That's why we launched Snipfeed—to give creators more ways to monetize and truly own their craft.” - Redouane Ramdani, Co-founder of Snipfeed

We are thrilled to bring the Snipfeed product into Planoly, to work with their talented team, and to immediately start building together.

What this means for you (our customers; existing and future)

You are the reason Planoly exists and the reason why I’m writing this blog. Creators and their needs are at the center of what we do every day and this acquisition. I am absolutely stoked about this partnership because of what it will unleash for content creators building their businesses online. Planoly + Snipfeed will combine the efficiency of our leading social media management tool with the power of a customizable digital storefront.

  1. We want to drive Immediate value
    • No more added fees 💸 Starting today we are removing transaction fees from Snipfeed, so you keep your cash. Whether you’ve been using Snipfeed for years, or plan to start today, transaction fees are going to 0% for all paid plans!
    • Give it a test drive 🚙 Planoly users can trial Snipfeed for free for 30 days (check your email for details). All we ask is that you share your feedback and let us know what else would be helpful.
  2. With a plan to deliver even more soon
    • Streamline your workflow 🚀The true value of this acquisition is our ability to offer features you can’t get anywhere else. So keep an eye out for functional integrations coming soon to make social selling even easier.
    • Even more ways to sell 🛍️ With our Amazon Posts beta in progress (click here if you want to test it out), we are committed to finding even more ways to support you and your business. This acquisition is just the beginning.

The Future of Social Commerce

We believe the nature of work is changing and creators are breaking the 9-5 mold, building real and lasting businesses on top of social media. As creators transition from moonlighting to full-time, there’s a ton to manage. They’re CEOs, marketers, and creative directors all in one.

As creators evolve, so does social media and the way they sell. Options used to be more limited, but commerce is changing. These are the trends we are paying explicit attention to:

Peer-to-peer selling is at the core of this evolution. Yes ads still matter, but it’s about more than that. You are your brand, and the more authentic connections you create and the more value you provide - the easier it will be to grow.

In the age of AI, authenticity is everything. You should think of AI as a power-up, a way to boost creativity and reduce blockers. If you can harness it effectively, it can enhance your voice and unlock exponential growth. Find a place to start - like AI caption generation, and then build from there.

It used to be about going viral and having a million followers, but today, finding your niche and building an engaged audience matters more than follower growth. This truly is the year of the creator and everyone is starting to notice – big brands are inking million-dollar partnerships, and creators are building media companies, but you don’t have to be at the forefront to capitalize. Start to provide value, build a loyal audience with consistency, and then go from there.

What’s next for Planoly?

This year is a big one. For us, and for the creators we serve.

The three big things the Planoly team will be focusing on in the coming months are:

  1. A continued investment in creator-first functionality. This includes Snipfeed functional integrations and bridging the gap between the two platforms, as well as more visual planning capabilities and tools to make teamwork easier.
  2. Even more integrations. I mentioned it earlier but Amazon Posts are here! We are the first social media management tool to deliver this and are planning to continue to push the envelope. We will also be delivering more design and media integrations, as well as expanded AI tooling.
  3. Not just providing tools for creators, but highlighting their incredible stories. Sign up for our newsletter to be the first to hear about our upcoming creator spotlights, and blog posts, and there are even rumors of a podcast! P.S. Let us know if you have a story you want us to share! Email to

So, expect to see more details on the functional integrations between Snipfeed & Planoly to come, even more value, a little more of me, and a LOT more of you.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for being part of our community. Now – back to work!

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Katelyn MacKay

Katelyn MacKay is the CEO of Planoly

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The Future of Social Commerce with Planoly + Snipfeed: A Message From Our CEO
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