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How to Auto-Post to Instagram with PLANOLY

It’s time to simplify your workflow and take a break from manually publishing content. Easily schedule your content and watch it magically appear on your grid without having to spend extra time to manually push it live on Instagram: a total game changer. With PLANOLY, you can auto-post Instagram Reels, carousels & more.

Auto-posting means that you will schedule the content with PLANOLY and it will automatically appear on the social platform you choose. You may hear this referred to as “auto-publishing” or “direct publishing.” All of these terms are synonymous with auto-posting.

It’s important to note that auto-post is only available for Instagram Business accounts. Personal and Creator accounts are not eligible at this time.

Enabling auto-post allows you to do the following when scheduling a post:

- Add user tagging + location tagging

- Auto-post first comment (available for paid PLANOLY accounts)

- Auto-post to your Facebook page and Twitter account to share your post (available for paid PLANOLY accounts)

- Auto-post Carousels to Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

- Check out the details below on how to set up your account to auto-post with PLANOLY.

Setting Up Auto-Post

Auto-posting is only available for Instagram Business accounts. Setting your Instagram profile to a Business account allows you to access additional insights and tools, plus it’s free! If you don’t already have one, here are some step-by-step instructions to get started. Once you link or update your Instagram account to a Business Account, you’ll authenticate it with a Facebook page. This will unlock auto-posting.

Types of Content Eligible for Auto-Post

With PLANOLY, you can auto-post Instagram images, gifs, carousel image posts, Reels & more. It’s important to note that auto-posting images is a free feature, but you’ll need to upgrade to access auto-posting for Reels, videos & more. Along with auto-posting content, you can auto-post a first comment.

Instagram has some guidelines and limitations to auto-posted posts. You cannot auto-post stories or carousel video posts. Click here to learn more about Instagram’s guidelines and limitations.

Troubleshooting Auto-Post Issues

Sometimes there can be a connectivity issue with your Instagram profile and your Facebook page, causing them not to be properly connected within settings. This can happen for a few reasons. For example, if you’ve ever unlinked and relinked your Instagram profile to your Facebook page to switch your profile type, this may cause a connection issue. Not to worry - we’re committed to helping you troubleshoot this issue so you can get your auto-posting game on!

Follow the steps below:

- Step 1: Check both your Instagram account settings and Facebook Page settings to see if they are connected properly (more info here)

- Step 2: Check your Facebook page role to make sure that you are the owner or admin of the Facebook page in order to access additional Facebook page settings (full details here)

- Step 3: Check your Facebook page integration settings to enable or re-set your connection between PLANOLY and your Instagram account here

Now, you can try refreshing your PLANOLY Web Dashboard or Mobile App and attempt to authenticate again. If you’re still experiencing issues, it’s time for the “factory rest” approach. Click here to learn how to revoke and re-enable your PLANOLY permissions on your Instagram and Facebook settings in order to unlock auto-post.

Thanks to auto-post, there’s no need to manually publish your post and first comment to Instagram, AND you can automatically keep your content coherent on Twitter and Facebook pages. Talk about a seamless and smooth workflow.

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