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Create Thoughtful Content with Planoly

As a content creator, no one understands how much work goes into creating the perfect content for your brand. Between finding content inspiration, filming, editing, and writing caption’s there are a ton of steps that go into creating. At Planoly, we want you to love creating content, but it can be easy to get burned out. We’ve recently launched a few tools that can help take away some of the burden and pressure to post, while remaining true to your authentic self.

#1 Find Content Inspo

If you’re feeling stuck or out of ideas, the Planoly calendar can be a great way to find inspiration. We add new trends every week. Plus, there’s always a fun holiday coming up that can be celebrated. (Psst: National Margarita Day is February 22nd)

#2 Seamless Integration with Canva

Imagine the creativity of Canva at your fingertips, directly within Planoly. This integration allows you to easily edit and upload content, bridging the gap between idea and execution. Whether it's a captivating image or a sleek graphic design, you can create it in Canva and post it via Planoly with unparalleled ease.

#3 Advanced Editing Tools

Your content should be as unique as your brand, and Planoly's advanced editing tools are here to ensure just that. These tools give you the power to craft content that aligns perfectly with your brand's voice and aesthetic. From fine-tuning your images to perfecting your video clips, these tools help in creating content that is not only engaging but also finely polished.

#4 AI Caption Writer with Custom Personas

Captions are the voice of your content. Planoly's AI caption writer, equipped with customizable personas, helps you create captions that speak directly to your audience. Whether you're aiming for witty, informative, or inspirational, our AI understands your brand's tone and crafts captions that enhance your content, ensuring a deeper connection with your viewers.


Planoly isn't just about scheduling your social media posts. It's about empowering you to create content that's thoughtful, engaging, and true to your brand. With Planoly, you're not just posting; you're making a statement.

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Reilly Purl

Reilly Purl leads the Product Marketing team at Planoly. She has a passion for helping people understand how products work & the best ways to use them.

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Create Thoughtful Content with Planoly
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