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Planoly Frequently Asked Questions: What You Need to Know

We want to ensure that everyone using Planoly gets the most out of our tools and has support for every question you might encounter. If you need help using Planoly, you can always access Planoly feature details, step-by-step how-tos, and answers to dozens of FAQs through our Help Guide Knowledge Base. If you’re more of a visual learner, we also offer Planoly Academy tutorials that walk you through our features.

To get you started, here are the answers to some of our top frequently asked questions from our incredible support team.

Here’s What We’ll Cover

Does Planoly offer a free plan?

Does Planoly offer a free plan? The simple answer is yes. However, it’s important to note that you will only be able to link 1 social set, upload 10 pieces of media per workspace per month, and be unable to access features like Hashtag Manager, Ideas Manager, and the AI Caption Writer. If you’re considering Planoly, we recommend starting a free 7-day trial instead. This way, you can access all of our premium features and figure out what’s most important to you.

What channels can I auto-post to?

All Planoly users (including free users) can auto-post to up to 7 channels at once including TikTok, Instagram (including Reels, Stories & Carousels), YouTube, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), LinkedIn, & Pinterest. Each social platform has its own requirements and limitations on what content can be auto-posted. For example, Instagram allows Creator & Business accounts to auto-post grid posts, Reels, and Carousels, but only Business accounts can auto-post Instagram Stories. 

How do I auto-post content to TikTok?

Your multi-channel workspace in Planoly is where you can link your TikTok account and set up auto-post. When you're scheduling a post for TikTok for the first time, you'll need to link your TikTok account before clicking '+ New Post' to get started. You can do that by clicking on the TikTok channel bubble at the top of your Web Dashboard.  From there you can upload your media, customize your post details, preview your post, and toggle on auto-post. After you’ve clicked “Schedule”, Planoly will do the work to upload your post to TikTok at the scheduled time. Plus, in the multi-channel workspace, you can schedule content for all your other channels in one view including Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

Why isn’t my content auto-posting to Instagram?

This may be due to one of three reasons.

#1 You may not have enabled auto-post, yet. You can do this from the profile section of your account. Our full tutorial can be found here.

#2 Facebook has expired your authorization token. This happens every ~60 days due to requirements from Facebook. You can re-authenticate with Facebook from your profile.

#3 Your content isn’t eligible for auto-post due to restrictions set by Instagram. If this is the issue, you'll get a red error message when scheduling viewable just under the scheduled time and date. Certain types of content including Instagram Carousels with Videos & Reels with Cover Photos are ineligible for auto-post. You will also need to confirm that your post is cropped to an auto-post eligible size - 1:1, 4:5 or 9:16.

What’s a multi-channel workspace?

A multi-channel workspace is a planning area within PLANOLY that allows you to easily plan across channels. This means you can easily link all of your socials and repurpose content in a single view. You can learn more about the workspace here.

How do I activate a free trial?

You can activate a free trial when creating an account with Planoly. Planoly offers a free 7-day trial. It’s important to note that PLANOLY does require a credit card to sign up, but we’ll send you an email reminder 3 days before your trial ends and your card is charged.

How can I set up a custom plan?

All of our paid plans are fully customizable. You can add additional social sets or users to your Planoly plan. A social set can include up to one of each social account type - Instagram, TikTok, Pinterest, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, & LinkedIn. A user is someone with a login to Planoly who can access your account to help plan, manage, and schedule content. Visit our pricing page for more details.

How do I get to the Hashtag Manager?

There are two ways to access our Hashtag Manager. First, you can use the Mobile App - click on the profile image in the bottom right corner, click on the settings tab, click Hashtags, and add or remove Hashtag groups. You can also access Hashtag Manager through the Schedule View Screen on the Web Dashboard or the Mobile App. This screen shows the hashtag (#) icon below your image or video and caption.  

We hope our frequently asked questions recap helps with any questions you've had about Planoly. If you have additional questions not mentioned here, please reach out! You can also search for more commonly asked questions via our Knowledge Base.

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