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Meet PLANOLY’s Multi-Channel Workspace

PLANOLY was founded on the belief that social marketing doesn’t need to be complicated. With our Instagram planning tools, we created a grid planner that makes it easy to visually plan your content. Our Instagram planner is still a big part of PLANOLY, but we know that social media has evolved.

While Instagram is still a key piece of many social media managers’ social strategy, other platforms have popped up to help increase awareness and reach for many brands. TikTok has become a go-to platform. In fact, TikTok videos get over 1 billion views every day. While TikTok is rapidly growing, there are also channels like Facebook, Pinterest, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube & LinkedIn to consider as well. With so many channels to juggle, it’s more important than ever to optimize the time you spend ideating, planning & scheduling content.

With that in mind, PLANOLY’s multi-channel workspace makes it easy to plan all of your content for every channel in one centralized place. We’re staying true to our roots, and creating new ways to easily (and visually!) ideate, plan & schedule your content. Let’s dive into some of the key features.

PLANOLY’s multi-channel workspace is friendly & easy to use. Consider it an extension of your team - here to help you complete every step of your social planning workflow.

Organize Content Ideas & Hashtags

Inspiration can strike at any time. With PLANOLY, you can save text notes, images, videos and links - including video and sound URLs from TikTok into the Ideas Manager. Plus, add a note to your idea to refer back to when you’re ready to create.

Our calendar also makes it easy to add notes of upcoming content you may want to post. Plus, if you’re stuck for ideas we’ve got you covered. The PLANOLY calendar includes recommended upcoming social events & holidays. Not only this but each Monday we recommend 3 trending audio or videos to inspire your content and give you ideas on how to repurpose them for your brand.

You'll also be able to manage all of your hashtags across channels in one centralized place. A hashtag strategy is a key piece to reaching your potential audience, so once you've spent time researching which hashtags are best, keep them all in Planoly. Then, when you're ready to schedule you can copy & paste them into your captions.

Collaborate with Teams

As a social media manager, you rely on others to help you plan & schedule content. Within the multi-channel workspace, you can invite team members or clients to collaborate with you. Have a teammate draft or upload content into the same workspace as you. Or, ask a client to log in and preview upcoming content prior to posting. Say goodbye to screen-recording videos on your phone or creating separate Google docs with the approved copy. You can do all of that in PLANOLY prior to scheduling.

Auto-Post (almost) Everything

From Reels to LinkedIn feed posts - the multi-channel workspace has it all. You can plan for TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, X (formerly Twitter), YouTube, Pinterest & LinkedIn all in one place. For each post, you can select which channels to schedule for. Plus, you can easily customize content, captions, and scheduling times for each individual channel all in a single view. You'll be able to auto-post for every channel, except Pinterest (but don't worry, this is coming soon!).

After you schedule your content, you can quickly hover over the calendar to see a visual preview of your upcoming content. Plus, you’ll see social channel icons on days you have content scheduled for that channel.

With the overwhelming expectations that are required of social media managers, we want to be your go-to tool. A tool you actually want to use every day to create a social strategy & schedule of your content. Try Planoly free today.

Did we just become best friends? Yep.

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