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Brand New Planoly, Made by Creators for Creators

For the past seven years, we've enjoyed working with you to manage and grow your business and presence on social media. What was once the first visual planner for Instagram dedicated to helping creators curate the perfect grid has evolved into so much more. Planoly is now a robust, multi-channel tool that seeks to simplify every piece of the creator workflow - from inspiration to planning, scheduling, and monetization.

To better represent our community of creators, we are launching a new logo, look, and feel for Planoly's product. The star in our logo represents every creator's drive and motivation to create content that engages their followers and showcases their craft. It's a symbol we've kept since the beginning, and we are so excited to bring it into Planoly's new era.

Our new brand colors foster a friendly, familiar, yet unique feel, while our product experience continues to be a space that allows your content and ideas to be the star.

We understand that content planning and creation tools need to be not only reliable but enjoyable for creators. This is why we've leaned on our in-house team, many of whom are creators themselves, to bring this brand relaunch to life.

The new Planoly embraces the ever-changing social landscape and is a more flexible tool because of it. We’re not just a scheduler, but the bestie every creator needs to truly step into their slay era.  

Now, allow us to reintroduce ourselves – the new Planoly!

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Carrie Boswell

Carrie Boswell is the Digital Marketing Content Specialist at PLANOLY. She is always finding ways to include pop culture and the Gen Z perspective into the content we create for marketers and small business owners.

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