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How Instagram's 'Invites' Sticker for Stories Could Help Build Your Community

Everything you need to know to strategize for Instagram’s next big update.

Instagram has long prioritized interactive solutions to help its users promote events and announcements. Integrating an ‘Invites’ Sticker into IG Stories is perhaps its most significant leap in that direction. The ‘Invites’ Sticker will likely enable you to provide details of your next event (title, date, and location) and share them with your audience. Those who’d like to attend would simply RSVP to your event directly through the IG Story Sticker.

Whether you’re a big brand, small business, or creator, there are many ways to prepare and develop your social media strategy using IG Story Stickers to build your online community:

Brand Opportunity

  • Similar to Instagram’s Yes/No polling Sticker, the ‘Invites’ Sticker will likely provide distinct metrics on your existing followers and inform you of opportunities to reach new audiences. Maybe your customers with the highest purchasing power aren’t yet active on IG Stories. By offering them event details or product information through this upcoming feature, you can convert them into digital customers and strengthen your engagement.
  • For trendy products that are certain to sell out, a creative way to possibly use the new Sticker is to allow the invite itself to act as an RSVP to purchase a particular item. Consumers and brands alike appreciate hype or momentum before buying a product.

Small Business Opportunity

  • It can be challenging to rally your audience from the comfort of their homes to your shop, restaurant, or studio. Use Stickers or “Close Friends” to offer your local following a bit of exclusivity by sharing promotions, new menu items, or invites to in-store events. Who doesn’t love a reward for being a regular?
  • Promoting sales and product launches through Instagram isn’t exactly a ground-breaking social media tactic. However, a great way to “hack” this feature is by gamify-ing how it’s used. When couples are scrambling to make last-minute reservations ahead of Valentine’s Day, you could use the ‘Invites’ Sticker to allow patrons to reserve a table through your Stories before February 14th. Another option is to offer your customers early access to new products or sales. This hassle-free method is just the type of thing that builds customer loyalty – keeping them engaged through Instagram.
  • Your ambassadors are your greatest advocates. Use Stories to build your list of “Close Friends” who are your loyal customers. Ask your customers to bring a friend in for perks – like a discounted photo session, free appetizers with their next meal, or an exclusive shopping experience before it’s available to the general public.

Influencer Opportunity

  • With the looming possibility of Instagram removing likes, influencer marketing could soon live largely through Stories content. Add to your social currency by pooling data for yourself and your brand partners. When you post an invite to a webinar or an IG Live experience, keep a tally of the number of viewers who RSVP over time to provide added value to your partners.
  • Using ‘Invites’ to build deeper connections with your followers will be paramount. If you travel frequently, use Stories to build a community beyond your home city. Take a poll or send out an invite through Stories to garner interest for meetups or events. This practice will help create a dialogue between you and your audience and help you break into those inner circles.
  • The goal is to convert viewers to followers and followers to consumers to ultimately grow your credibility and attract more brands. Over time, you can use the insights from ‘Invites’ to forecast which future events and products resonate with your audience. Keep a record of what generates the most RSVPs and which products yield high traffic. It’s taking the long term guesswork out of what your audience wants.

Consumers and followers want to feel connected to the brands and creators they love. Test a few of these IG Sticker approaches to grow your community and business through Instagram Stories. Using IG Stories and the intimacy of ‘Invites’ is the best way to build a stronger, more authentic relationship with your core audience.

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How Instagram's 'Invites' Sticker for Stories Could Help Build Your Community
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