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How to Rebrand Your Social Media

With trends constantly changing and business models evolving, rebrands aren't uncommon. Very rarely do businesses look or operate the same way they did when they started. For those unfamiliar with a rebrand, it's when a brand needs to change the way the world perceives them. Not only do rebrands deal with how a business looks visually, but how it fits in the marketplace. Rebranding is no easy undertaking but crucial for building credibility, attracting new customers, and staying competitive with similar brands. 

In our guide to rebranding, you'll find out if a rebrand is right for you, how to execute your rebrand, and what to consider on social media. 

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How to Determine If a Rebrand Is Right for You

Before starting your rebrand, consider several things in your evaluation process. The first thing? Whether a rebrand is right for you. Read the following questions to help determine if your business is ready for a new brand identity. 

  • Have there been any changes to your business that affect your current branding? Consider factors like your company's name, the addition of new products or services, a new business model, and more. 
  • Do you need to reposition your business in the marketplace? Consider factors like an overcomplicated business model, offering and operating completely different than how you started, differentiate your business from competitors, and more. 
  • Do you need to boost your metrics? Consider factors like are your marketing metrics declining despite natural market fluctuations, a new target audience, not generating enough sales, and more. 
  • Do you have a strong visual identity? Consider factors like if your logo and images support the current business, is your brand consistent across social platforms, easily recognizable among competitors. 

After reviewing those questions, you're ready to start your business's rebrand. 

How to Rebrand Your Business 

Step #1 Research Your Competitors 

Whether you need to reposition yourself in the market or differentiate yourself from competitors, you'll need to find out who your competitors are, who's doing well, and what their customers are saying about their products or services versus yours. Use Twitter's Advanced Search feature to monitor your and your competitors' mentions. If you're looking to reposition yourself in the marketplace, research new brands. For example, if you were known as an underwear company but have decided to offer different products that no longer limit you to a specific market or audience; how do you let customers know you offer more. 

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Step #2 Redefine or Reposition Yourself 

To kickstart redesigning your visual identity, you'll lean on your competitive research. Start by defining what your business is and what it offers. Then describe what problem your business solves that your competitors don't or not as well. If you're repositioning your business completely, then develop a new target audience. Is it the same, or is it completely different? How will audiences think of you in this new way? 

Step #3 Create New Brand Identity

Now for the fun part, visualizing your new brand identity! This is where you can decide on new logos, brand colors, brand voice, what social channels to use, tagline, bio, and more. Keep in mind what your competitors' branding looks like so you don't create something that's too similar. Too similar to competitors would be confusing and could negatively impact your rebrand's success. After completing your rebrand, it might be helpful to create a FAQ page addressing any significant changes.

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Step #4 Set New Goals

Define what you want to achieve with your rebrand. Start by writing down what wasn't working with your business before the rebrand. Then define what you hope to see improves after your rebrand. Make sure you consider your overall business goals along with marketing goals. They need to align and support each other. For example, if one of your business objectives is to increase your sales revenue by $100,000, some of your marketing efforts need to help achieve that objective. Make sure your goals are measurable, realistic, and timely. Don't set a completely unrealistic goal. 

How to Make Your Rebrand Official On Social 

After developing your new brand identity, it's time to apply it to your social accounts and website. Here's what to include: 

  1. Are your social account handles consistent across all platforms? Meaning is it easy to find, and they crosslink to other accounts. For example, does your TikTok include your IG account and vice versa? 
  2. Did you create a new account profile picture that's easily recognizable? Does it include your logo or brand name? 
  3. Are your social platforms for all channels complete with a bio and link-building tool to redirect users to your website? 
  4. Did you promote your rebrand on social?  Introducing your rebrand to your existing followers and customers will help you stand out on news feeds or remind customers about your brand. 
  5. Don't forget to engage with your audience to build stronger relationships with your new and existing audiences. This will grow your credibility and trust. 

Now that you know how to successfully rebrand your business, it's time to get started! 

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