'GRWM' is an acronym for "get ready with me."

Did you see Alix Earle's new GRWM video?
History and usage

A "get ready with me" (GRWM) video is just like how it sounds. it's nothing revolutionary and can be traced back to the early 2000s with longer form videos on YouTube. They started out as hair and makeup tutorials and became mainstream when brands and celebrities like Vogue, Glossier, Emily Rata, and more started creating their own versions of GRWM videos online.

But it wasn't until TikTok did GRWM videos land on everyone's feed. The hashtag, #GRWM, has over 99 billion views. It's so much more than a makeup video, it's a form of storytelling that's relatable and let's you into the life of the creator making the video. You get to see what makeup tools they use, how they do their hair, what towels they use, what their room/ bathroom looks like, etc. but all in a casual setting. Alix Earle, today's queen of GRWM videos, made her brand off this video format.