Something that wasn't successful.

My Instagram post flopped yesterday.
History and usage

Flop can be traced back to the entertainment industry and is commonly used to describe a commercial failure or lack of success. Its usage has expanded beyond the industry to become a popular slang term used in various contexts.

The term has been prevalent for several decades, primarily within the music and film industries, to refer to projects, albums, or movies that did not perform well commercially or critically. In the age of social media, particularly platforms like Twitter and Instagram, the term "flop" has become widely adopted by users to express disappointment or failure in a more colloquial manner. People might use it to describe a failed project, a disappointing event, or even a personal experience that did not go as planned.

The term has become versatile and is commonly used in memes, hashtags, and casual conversations to quickly convey the idea of something not living up to expectations or even failed post performance.

@squirrellovebz24 Floopy season not spooky season. Keep that in mind #fyp ♬ Halloween theme by Cupcakke - ✨uhhhhh✨