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8 Post Ideas for Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day! To show our love <3 and appreciation, here are 8 Valentine’s Day social media post ideas that’ll take the stress out of content planning this week. Enjoy!

#1 “Victor, You Actually Did This!?”


Best birthday ever🥰🥰🥰

♬ original sound - Liyah💗

It all started when lovely Liyah posted a video of her partner, Victor, showing her a birthday surprise. She scans a room filled with candles, balloons, and gifts, then pans to show us Victor awkwardly filming her from the corner of the room.

The audio was cut into a hilarious sound that is currently popping off as a backtrack for Valentine’s Day surprises.

Hop on this trend by filming a cutsie V-day setup of your own. Be sure to end the video with a clip of your partner/coworker/bestie filming your reaction with an awkward smirk.

#2 Valentine’s Day In the Life (DITL)

It’s a normal day in the life, Valentine’s Day edition. You can go about this in a number of ways. Vlog your V-day festivities, take your audience with you as you prep for a fun night, or ask your audience to be your Valentine and take them on a special date. Bonus points if you throw in a giveaway for your followers.

#3 Self-Care Guide For Singles

Being single on Valentine’s Day is rarely fun. Whether you’re single yourself or just want to help your followers avoid gloom and doom, a Valentine’s Day-themed self-care session is a great reminder that we can (and should!) celebrate self-love. Show your audience they don’t need to wait for a partner to spoil themselves!

#4 Rank Your On-Theme Content

This concept breathes new life into old content. Think of what you post repeatedly. This could be beauty looks, OOTDs, cake decorations, pottery, art pieces, etc. Pick out the ones that fit the Valentine’s Day theme, then rate and rank them. It’s a low-effort, fun Valentines post idea that still reinforces who you are and what you do.

#5 Make Your Own Valentine’s Day Gift

This Valentine’s Day post idea is perfect for small businesses, artists, and DIY creators. Document the process of creating a Valentine’s Day-themed gift. If the products you sell are already made, film yourself choosing and packaging the perfect Valentine’s order. You can even pretend like you’re packing it up for a special customer.

#6 Valentine’s Get Ready With Me

This one’s for the fashion and beauty slays. We already know your V-day look is going to eat, so why not film a get ready with me? We want your OOTD. We want your product recs. And if you can post earlier in the day, we also want tips so we can slay our Valentine’s Day looks, too.

#7 Last Minute Gift Guide

You don’t have to be a business owner or a DIYer to post a Valentine’s Day gift guide. Put together a list of your favorite gifts and tell your audience why you like each item and what type of person they’re perfect for. Don’t forget to include affiliate links so you can get your kickback.

#8 When in Doubt, Meme it Out

If you’re running short on time, Valentine’s Day memes are always a hit. Repost a funny meme relevant to your content or make your followers feel extra special by creating your own Valentine’s Day meme that references an inside joke from your content.

Get More Inspo

The Valentine’s Day post ideas don’t stop here. For more inspiration, check out our weekly trends feature, content templates, and AI caption generator.

And if you want to get a headstart on content planning for the next holiday, check out our social events calendar and download the free content planning workbook.

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