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Top 10 TikTok Memes, Trends, and Challenges to Try

Have you ever had a certain TikTok sound stuck in your head? You're not alone. And with 1 billion active monthly users, TikTok has no shortage of videos and catchy audio. From dance challenges to video tutorials and videos that quickly turned into memes, there's no reason you shouldn't be adding TikTok as part of social media content strategy. Let's dive into the most popular TikTok trends and how you can leverage them to grow your business.  

TikTok and Its Power on Social Media Trends

It's easy to get carried away while scrolling through your 'For Your Page' (your homepage) on TikTok. And with TikTok's ultra-personalized algorithm offering video content based on your interests, it's hard not to enjoy what's on your feed. But how can you jump on the TikTok trends you see on your For You Page, and is it okay to recycle them and use them on other platforms? The short answer is yes.

Since TikTok is the leader in short-form video content, most of the trends you see on Instagram Reels and YouTube Shorts started on TikTok first. It's essential to remain on TikTok, so you're caught up with the latest trends or if you ever need some inspiration for your upcoming video content on your other channels. Here are the Top 10 Trends on TikTok: 

#1 I'm a Survivor 

Reba's song, "I'm a Survivor," went viral on TikTok as one of the most popular sounds. It quickly became a meme for people doing minor tasks but needing praise. For example, if you're a social media manager, "liking your company's content on your personal account" is an example you could use the sounds to fit your brand or industry. 

#2 Smeeze Challenge

There's nothing quite like a good dance challenge. In this one, you specifically rate everyone's "Smeeze." This is a great way to showcase your team or products because multiple people are in the frame. 

#3 Normani’s Wild Side Dance Challenge 

Normani's "Wild Side" Dance Challenge starts as a normal dance challenge with other artists participating like Lizzo. But the popular sound became a meme and was used for other TikTok trends.  

@analisseworld For *** and giggles 🙂😅 @rafirod__ @katttrod (dc: @BOYS WORLD ♬ Wild Side - Normani
#4 Is He Hot or Is He 

This TikTok is full of a series of questions is an easy way to make product comparisons or poke fun at your job or yourself. Just look at how Om Som hopped on the trend and related it to their product. 

#5 How to Tutorials 

Using TikTok to create quick and easy How-To Tutorials is one of the easiest ways to get educational content in a fun and digestible way. 

#6 Product Hauls 

Product hauls or sharing your favorite products are great for showcasing your business's products, brands you partner with, or can just be a fun way to educate your audience.

#7 Planet Her 

The Planet Her Challenge is an interesting way to incorporate trending filters. People started using the color customizer filter for Doja Cat's 'Planet Her' song that changes you into bright neon colors. The point of the video is to see what color you would be on Planet Her. It's a great way to pull engagement from your audience because they can respond to what color they like best. 

#8 Watch Yourself 

The "Watch Yourself" challenge is a simple lip sync challenge for any scenario you want. It's so easy to relate it to your business, and you can get creative with the situations, which will showcase your brand's personality. 

#9 Questions I Get Asked 

Many stars are starting to participate in this challenge, but it uses a small dance move where you answer common questions about your job, your products, and make them fit your brand. 

#10 Industry Related Feeds

If you've ever heard of Real Estate TikTok or Pimple Popping TikTok, people are referring to the type of content they gravitate towards. Find a niche TikTok related to your industry like the #SelfCareTikTok if you're a wellness brand, and this will help people who already like that type of content learn about your brand. 

How Your Business or Brand Can Leverage TikTok Trends 

There are many ways you can jump on these trends. Just start scrolling and then look at TikTok's Discover page to see what's trending. You can also search hashtags based on your industry or what your business sells to see trends in that space. TikTok is personalized, so people who are interested in businesses similar to yours will see your content, and if you're using popular sounds that are trending on TikTok, you're going to be able to reach new and younger audiences. Don't believe us? More than 50% of TikTok's users are from age 10- 29

And people love commenting/reading comments sections on posts. This is where you can learn about the popular lingo younger audiences are using or popular emojis. 

Whether you're a business or influencer, there's value in staying up to date with the latest video trends. It creates relevancy and relatability with younger audiences. Happy TikToking. 

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