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New PLANOLY Feature: User Tag Manager

After hearing from our users, we’re excited to launch our new user tag manager feature for Instagram. Say goodbye to manually tagging users each time you schedule your content to auto-post. You can now create groups of user tags to quickly tag Instagram accounts to your scheduled auto-posts on PLANOLY. 

Think of our user tag manager feature like a distant cousin to our hashtag manager feature. Just like having the ability to create groups of hashtags for all your posts, you now can create groups of users to tag as well. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the key information about this new feature to help you simplify your Instagram planning even more!

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Why You Should Tag Users On Your Instagram In Advance

Manually adding tags to your Instagram posts can be time-consuming. With the user tag manager, you can create custom groups of Instagram user tags for all the accounts you consistently tag in your posts. For example, if your business has multiple locations, you can group those tags together and add them each time you post content related to all your locations. For influencers who consistently work with the same partners, the user tag manager allows them to easily and quickly tag the brands to their posts. 

Practice Mindful Tagging on Instagram

Just like with anything on Instagram, it’s important to be mindful of how you use the platform. Tagging a user on a post should be intentional and strategic. Aimlessly tagging brands or businesses for exposure can be seen as spammy and may negatively affect your engagement and brand over time. Remember: Whoever you tag on a post receives a notification – tag those who are relevant or essential to your content.

What is User Tag Manager for Instagram

The user tag manager is a free PLANOLY feature that lets you easily and quickly create groups of user tags to include on your auto-post content. There is no limit to how many groups of tags you can create. This is great if you want to create different groups of user tags with slight variations. Plus, it’s available on both the PLANOLY web dashboard and mobile app, making it easy to access your user tag groups whenever and wherever you’re planning.

Who Can Access User Tag Manager for Instagram

Both free and paid PLANOLY users can access this feature as long as they have linked an Instagram Business or Creator account to PLANOLY.

What Type of Content Can User Tags Be Added on

Auto-post content! Any type of profile tagging only works for auto-post content. User tags are not available for manually posted and scheduled content.  

How to Use the User Tag Manager 


Web Dashboard: 

Here’s What Else You Need to Know about PLANOLY’s User Tag Manager

The more you know ahead of time, the better! Featured below is some helpful information about the user tag manager feature:

  • User tag manager is a free feature, so all PLANOLY users have access as long as they have an Instagram Business or Creator account
  • No need to add the “@” sign when adding users to a group. Just enter the username.
  • Instagram allows you to only tag up to 20 users in a user group. Any more than 20 will result in your user group not saving. 
  • Only public usernames can be tagged. If you add a private username to a user group, the group will save but the username will not be added to your post.
  • You can only add a user group to your auto-post content. Any type of profile tagging does not work on content that is manually scheduled.
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Want to learn more? Visit our help guide here to get all the information about this feature.

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