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How to Strategize Your Overall Grid on Instagram

If it's not evident already, Instagram is home to an abundance of content creators and digital visionaries. But as the global social media community grows, the question remains: How does one stand out? Today's article will touch on a few things to consider when strategizing the look and feel of your overall grid, along with a few examples of those who have captured their follower's attention at a glance by carving out a unique overall aesthetic for their feed.

It's All in the Details

While it's important to establish consistency within your content, it's worth taking a step back to look at your grid in its entirety. To put it simply, think of your Instagram grid as a blank canvas, and your posts as art - these two elements support and elevate one another. So aside from having premium visuals, consider these two elements when brainstorming your feed's overall presentation:

  • Size: Instagram's default square option isn't the only way to upload and share photos. Popular photo- editing apps like VSCO and Instasize have introduced sizing options with their borders tool which allows you to upload vertical and horizontal images without having to crop them. You can even take this one step further by choosing a colored border to break away from the common white background. These subtle details can make a significant impact on your overall social media branding.
  • Color: With the above in mind, particular color palettes can also set the tone for your feed. Depending on your brand, color can either take the lead or act as a connecting thread that ties your posts together, even if the content itself varies. Consistency in color across your feed is typically well- received, as followers will get a sense of your visual brand and know what to expect in future posts.


Now that we've outlined a couple of ways to change the usual post standards, below are a few examples of creatives who have managed to hone in on their brand and use their grid as a way to elevate their content. First up, jewelry designer Anissa Kermiche (@anissakermiche) has mastered the art of making her Instagram a digital mood-board. Anissa has found a way to blend unique composition, colors, and post sizes to create an eye-catching and genuinely unique approach to presenting her content. There is a thoughtfulness to the presentation (and planning) - you'll notice a few sketched or "hand drawn" elements which literally connect certain rows of photos and add an almost 3D element to her feed. This creative approach proves that you can keep things fresh and personal even when posting product and promotional content.

Even if your brand isn't inherently visual, poet Alison Malee (@alison.malee) proves that you can still make a splash. Her approach is much more streamlined as it predominantly features excerpts of her writing on a plain white background. This minimal look is just as eye-catching, but every once in a while, Alison breaks up this uniform look with square images (though the content remains the same). With nearly 120k followers, this particular method demonstrates the unique power that comes with embracing a "less is more" approach. Our last example is artist Melody Hansen (@themelodyh). While her grid isn't overtly different regarding sizing or unique post layout, Melody has mastered the art of color which has inevitably shaped her overarching social media aesthetic. Aside from her simple (but striking) artwork, Melody's other content (which includes selfies and travel photos) are very much tied together by a common muted pastel color palette. Coupling this with a few colored border images sprinkled throughout, Melody's feed is dynamic, despite having an understated approach to her Instagram's branding.


In short, there's so much opportunity to create a great Instagram grid and a visual strategy that will stand the test of time. In the meantime, be sure to utilize our drag and drop feature to play around with different ways of laying out your posts. If you're in need of more inspiration, also search for accounts and hashtags via our Discover tool. Happy posting!

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