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Instagram Story Views: How IG Ranks Story Content

Instagram, like many social media platforms, uses a complex algorithm to curate and deliver content to its users. The primary goal of this algorithm is to keep users engaged and spending more time on the platform. To achieve this, Instagram takes several factors into account when ranking Stories.

#1 User Engagement

User engagement is a significant factor that influences the ranking of Stories. The algorithm considers how much you interact with a particular user's content. If you frequently engage with a user's Stories by liking, commenting, or sharing, Instagram is more likely to prioritize their Stories in your feed.

#2 Time Decay

Instagram prioritizes recent content to keep the platform fresh and current. The more recently a user has posted a Story, the higher the likelihood that it will appear at the top of your feed. This encourages users to check the platform regularly to see what's happening in real-time.

#3 Relationship with the User

Instagram's algorithm assesses the strength of your relationship with other users. If you regularly interact with someone's profile by exchanging messages, tagging each other, or being tagged together in posts, their Stories are more likely to appear higher in your feed. This feature aims to keep you connected with your closest friends and family.

#4 Content Relevance

The type of content you engage with also plays a role in the ranking of Stories. Instagram analyzes your past interactions and the content you've shown interest in. It then uses this information to display Stories that are similar to the content you've engaged with previously. For instance, if you often like food-related posts, you're more likely to see Stories related to food and cooking.

#5 Hashtags and Location Tags

The use of hashtags and location tags in Stories can increase their visibility. When you search for a specific hashtag or location, Instagram may show you Stories that include those tags, even if they are from users you don't typically interact with.

#6 Profile Searches and Clicks

If you regularly visit a particular user's profile or click on their Stories from your feed, Instagram takes this as a signal of your interest in their content. As a result, their Stories may be ranked higher in your feed.

#7 Stories Completion

Instagram monitors whether users consistently watch an entire Story or skip through them quickly. Stories that are watched from start to finish are more likely to be ranked higher, as this indicates a higher level of user interest.


Instagram's algorithm for ranking Stories is a complex and dynamic system that takes into account various factors to provide users with a personalized experience. User engagement, time decay, relationship strength, content relevance, and other elements all contribute to how Stories are prioritized in your feed. Understanding these factors can help you make the most of your Instagram experience and ensure that you see the content that matters most to you. So, the next time you scroll through your Instagram Stories, remember that there's a sophisticated algorithm working behind the scenes to deliver the content you love.

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