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Using Canva Brand Kits for Branded Posts

If you want to create branded content for your business with simplicity and ease, Canva's Brand Kit is bound to become your new favorite go-to content creation tool. Whether you're a social media manager who needs to constantly toggle between different brand identities for your clients or a content creator who wants to keep your brand look and feel visually consistent, keeping every piece of content you create for your business on-brand has never been easier.

Here's everything you need to know to make the most out of Canva's brand kit feature and PLANOLY's Canva integration.

What are Canva Brand Kits?

Clear brand guidelines are essential to ensuring consistency in presenting your brand in content and all other assets. Canva Brand Kits makes setting up your brand guidelines simple so you can apply them to any designs you create, including your brand fonts, colors, logos, and approved imagery. Plus, it makes it easy to share your brand kits with other partners and collaborators.

How to Set Up Canva Brand Kits

Follow these steps to set up your brand kit in Canva:

Step 1: Once logged into your Canva account, select the hamburger button on the top right to access the main menu. Select 'brand,' and this will open up the brand kit section where you can set up as many brand kits as you need. It's important to note that brand features like the brand kit are only available on premium Canva accounts.

Step 2: Select the 'Add New' Button on the top right corner of the Brand Kit section and assign your kit a name.

Step 3: Once your brand kit is created, you can upload your logo, add colors and fonts, and upload brand photos, graphics, and icons. You can also add brand voice guidelines so Canva's AI-powered writing assistant, MagicWrite, can help generate copy for your designs.

Step 4: Once you've set up your brand kit, you can assign it to a team or a folder in Canva for easy application.

How to Use Canva Brand Kits to Customize Templates

When designing a file in Canva, you can access your brand kit to apply to your design by selecting 'brand' in the sidebar menu. Here, you can add your brand logos, fonts, colors, images, and branded templates to your designs in one click.

How to Access Canva on Planoly

  1. Log into your account on

Note: Canva is not available in the Planoly Mobile App.

  1. Create a new post or edit an existing post and select 'Canva' instead of 'My Computer' when uploading your media.
  2. A Canva pop-up screen will appear where you can log in or create an account with Canva.
  3. Once logged in, you can access existing designs or create a new one.
  4. After you've selected your image or video content, click the "Save to Planoly" button in the top right corner.
  5. Once the content is on Planoly, you can finalize your post details and schedule the content to auto-post at your desired time or save it as a draft for later.

Here's a video walkthrough:

Need a little extra help with your content? PLANOLY's Content Subscription is your answer!

PLANOLY's Content Subscription is your one-stop shop for your Instagram grid needs. Each month, you'll have access to professionally designed Canva templates you can personalize in minutes to match your overall branding and messaging. In addition to these image templates, you'll have access to prewritten captions, starters, and suggested hashtags that you can customize and edit to align with your brand. Created with you in mind, these not only help you save time, but you'll also have more time to do what matters, like building trust with your followers and taking your social strategy to the next level with video content!

You can subscribe for just $13 a month or save $36 by choosing an annual subscription. Learn more and sign up here.

How to Sign Up for PLANOLY's Content Subscription

Step 1: Access the Content Subscription in the "Content Templates" tab on your PLANOLY Web Dashboard.

Step 2: Click "Subscribe."

Note: You can subscribe for $13/month or get billed annually and save $36/year.

Step 3: After you've completed your purchase, you'll receive this month's templates in your "Content Templates" tab.

Step 4: Each month on the 1st, you can add your new templates to your account simply by clicking the 'Access Templates' button whenever you're ready.

Tools like PLANOLY and Canva are essential to eliminating overwhelm and making content creation simple for your brand - and when these tools work seamlessly together, it's all the better! Happy creating.

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