Social Media Strategies & Tips for Your Small Business

Hi everyone! Adriana here, and we’re going to continue our PLANOLY Small Business School Series with tips and tricks that you can utilize when it comes to social media strategy for your Small Business. We’ll cover a few different topics from maximizing your presence on social, to utilizing your voice through Instagram, as well as re-sharing content on Pinterest, and elevating your business through Facebook. So… let’s go ahead and dive in!

First things first – let’s start by talking a little bit about content creation for your Small Business and the different types of platforms that you can utilize for everything that you’re planning to share across social. We’re going to breakdown all of them, and give you a quick overview of the types of content that would work best for each platform. Social Platforms we’ll be covering for your Small Business include: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, Blog or Website, and Twitter.

*Pro Tip – Always know where to find your audience. Each platform specializes and caters to different groups within your audience. Knowing which platform reaches who, will be a great determining factor with the type of content you share.

The struggle of knowing what to post on Instagram or Facebook is real, but that’s where we come in! We’re here to help! While there is no actual formula for what you need to be sharing and where you need to be sharing it, we’ve found that tweaking and compartmentalizing a few things have helped when it comes to social shares + content creation.

“Instagram is best for
showing snippets & sneak
peeks of your content
to your audience.”

Tweet this.


Instagram is best for showing snippets and sneak peeks of your content to your audience. You want to give them little pieces of your content that are easy to digest without sharing the entire view. This will lead them to dive deeper into blog posts, tutorials, etc…

IG Feed

  • You can utilize Instagram to plan out “snippets” or “sneak peeks” of content that you want to give a small glimpse of. For example : This can be digestible bits that lead to bigger content packed blog posts, new product releases, tutorial videos on youtube, etc..
  • Allow your content to reach larger audiences by using Shoplink in your bio to create a gallery of recent posts. This will ultimately drive more traffic back to your blog and website.

IG Stories


*Planoly Pro Tip – Don’t forget to get creative with your stories, and have fun! Make sure to download our new StoriesEdit Tool to help elevate your content on Instagram Stories in order to maximize your presence and engagement with your followers.


We’ve shared great info regarding Pinterest here, but we’re listing out a few need-to knows below! Pinterest users LOVE tutorials, how-to’s, and instructional and information loaded content.

Pinterest Boards


Facebook is a great tool for building your business, especially with the integration of the new business profile for your page. You can connect with influencers and other brands to form partnerships for collaborations and create a seamless brand strategy.

Facebook Posts

  • Facebook users love videos and links to website, blog posts, and additional reading materials – layering these onto your Facebook page is key!
  • Utilize the power of ads, videos, and boosted posts on Facebook to maximize your presence on the platform.

“Utilize the power of ads,
videos, and boosted posts on
Facebook to maximize your
presence on the platform.”

Tweet this.


Your blog/website is the heart of your brand, the “meat and potatoes” of your company, and the source for everything that showcasing what you’re all about.

Blog Posts

  • Share in-depth content, dive deeper with your audience, and get to know your demographic through the posts that you create for them.
  • Use your website to give as much information about your brand as possible so that your audience knows exactly who you are, and what you’re about when they visit your page.


Twitter is perfect for in the moment content, or front row action! It includes content “play by play” material, quick need-to-knows as well as fast calls to action.

Tweet Tweet

  • Great for “real-time” content views and fun one-liners or quick call to actions to draw your audience in.
  • Twitter is the best platform for sharing news, updates, incorporating live tweeting, promoting big sales, and for PR purposes.

Okay, you’ve created some amazing content, now what? The best way to boost all of this great content is through the use of ads and partnerships. Try boosting a few of your most engaged posts in order to help you reach a larger, more diverse audience. Allocating a certain amount of money per month or year towards ads and partnerships can help your brand to be seen by a lot of other people too. And always remember that the more you’re consistently engaging with your followers, the more you’ll organically continue to grow. Stay true to yourself, have fun, and keep at it!

*Pro Tip – Engagement is key, and engaging with other accounts that are similar to yours can also work in boosting the amount of views and engagement your profile has!

One thing that I always try to stress is to make sure you’re maximizing your presence with your readers through constant engagement. You can create great conversations through Instagram Stories with the use of polls, questionnaires, videos, and more! Even when I’m not posting on my grid, I always try to post something on IG Stories to keep my followers engaged. Get creative with the photos you take and make sure you provide different content on different platforms!

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