New Look: StoriesEdit Web Update

In case you didn’t notice…our StoriesEdit web dashboard got a new UI update! The new look matches our mobile app version of StoriesEdit for a more smooth and user-friendly experience when switching from SE mobile and web. The updated UI for StoriesEdit web includes a new Featured tab, Collections, and Categories view. Additionally, Grid Lines are now available to help you keep your content perfectly aligned. Read on to learn more in-depth information about these new updates!

“In case you didn’t
notice…our StoriesEdit
web dashboard got
a new UI update!”

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The StoriesEdit homepage now has three new tabs to click through when making your template selections. The Featured tab has three sections which include the current featured Collections, the non-featured Collections, and the featured Category. You can scroll from left to right to see more or click ‘view all’ to see all of the templates within Collections or Category.


When you select the Collections tab, you can have an instant view of all of the available Collections on StoriesEdit. You can then click on whichever Collection you prefer to show all of the templates included.


This tab features all of the available Categories for you to choose from when making your StoriesEdit designs. The categories include classic, covers, fashion, food, photography, product, quotes, tutorials, and writing. Users can scroll through templates across each category, or click “view all” to see all of the templates within the selected category. *StoriesEdit Tip: If you’re not sure where to start, search for a template under Categories based on what industry you’re in. You’ll find some great options to inspire you to create amazing content!

Grid Lines

Grid Lines are now available to help users better position the shapes and text boxes within the template. When moving your shapes or text around, the grid lines will appear when you hit the horizontal or vertical place in your template. This will help you ensure that the objects within your template are lining up perfectly!

These new StoriesEdit web features and UI updates are meant to help your design process be as smooth as possible. We want to give you the tools to create engaging content for your Stories that will keep your followers coming back for more, so we hope that you find these updates to be especially useful. While it’s helpful to be able to create your Instagram Stories on-the-go with the StoriesEdit app, using our web dashboard is even more user-friendly when it comes to adding in more variety and detail. Happy designing!

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