New Feature: Using Plan Reports to Improve Your Team

We’re always looking for ways to create a better workflow and team environment, which is why our new Plan Reports feature is such a game-changer. With this new feature, you can share upcoming drafts with your client, co-worker, or boss in an easy and efficient way. This feature has also been requested by many of our social media managers and agencies so we’re excited to add this to Planoly! Now, let’s dive in a bit more about how you can use this feature and improve your planning and increase productivity.

Step 1

This feature is only available on the desktop version of Planoly, so you’ll need to be on a computer to access it by signing into your account on Plan Reports are accessible on your main Calendar/Planning Grid under the ‘PLAN’ tab. Once there, you’ll see a blue icon with an image of a clipboard to the right of the ‘Add New Media’ icon. By hovering your mouse over the blue icon, you’ll see that it switches to a pink icon displaying the words ‘View Report’ on it.

Planoly New Feature Plan Report Gif

Step 2

Once you click on the ‘View Report’ icon, you’ll be redirected to a new window. There are a few different viewing options once you’re in the Plan Reports window. You can filter posts by unscheduled, scheduled, or both. The ‘unscheduled’ display option will show you all of the uploaded media on your grid that are not scheduled; the ‘scheduled’ option will show you all of the media that are scheduled to post, and the ‘both’ option will show you both scheduled and unscheduled content. Select which type of posts you want to share with your team.

Planoly New Feature Plan Report

Step 3 & 4

Now comes the best part – sharing your Plan Report! For instance, if you want to share scheduled posts with a client for them to review and approve, you have two options. First, you would click ‘Share,’ which copies a link to the Plan Report that lasts for 48 hours. Once clicked, it will say ‘Link Copied!’ and you can then paste it into an e-mail or message to share. The other option is to click ‘Email Plan Report,’ which opens a tab that allows you to enter in multiple email addresses to share the Plan Report.


Your Plan Report will re-adjust itself based on what you have scheduled or posted as you go so make sure to re-share when you make any adjustments. We find this feature to be very helpful when it comes to bettering communication with coworkers and clients. The benefits are being able to share your upcoming posts and ideas without having to add them as team members, giving login information, or screenshotting your posts to share. Share your Plan Reports to get feedback, and you can adjust content or captions accordingly. Easy, right? Planning should always be this simple!

“Share your Plan Reports
to get feedback & adjust
content or captions accordingly.”

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