New Feature: Hashtag Manager

As you know, we’re always looking for ways to make Planoly better by adding features that you didn’t even know you needed. This new feature will make your planning process more efficient than ever! We’re excited to announce our new Hashtag Manager feature – with this new update you can easily add hashtags to your posts, create hashtag categories, and increase your engagement. Goodbye to copying and pasting from your notes! Hashtags are like tiny little messengers, sending your content out into the Instagram world with ease – plus, they look like waffles. #winning

Hashtags are a necessary aspect of your social media strategy, specifically for Instagram. Apart from the content you’re posting, hashtags are an essential element of your post. Hashtags help to make your content discoverable and allow you to get your images seen by those outside of your current sphere of followers. You want your posts to show up when users search for relevant industry-related hashtags, and our new Hashtag Manager makes adding hashtags easier than ever. It’s all about increasing your influence and growing your followers, so it’s important to be intentional and mindful when choosing which hashtags to include.

Where to Access Planoly’s Hashtag Manager

  1. From app dash screen (# icon between HISTORY and COMMENTS)
  2. From Schedule view screen (# icon below your image/video)

How to Add New Hashtag Groups

  1. Click on # to reach the Hashtag Manager and select the + icon.
  2. Add a Name. You can use an emoji or words, but make sure you choose one that categorizes your hashtags by content post types.
  3. Add your hashtags in the Content section. Type out the hashtag character # and then the hashtag text and add spaces in between each hashtag (i.e. #food #eats). The counter will tell you how many hashtags you have left to use based on the maximum allowed by Instagram (30). * If you go over the limit it will be marked as Spam and will not post!
  4. Once you’re done with your category, tap OK on the top right and then tap Save on the bottom. * You can create as many groups as you wish!
  5. Your new # group is created! You can create as many groups as you wish.

How to Use Add Hashtag Groups to Your Caption

  1. Click on an image you’d like to add hashtags to and select the # icon below the image.
  2. Tap on the # group that you wish to add to your image caption (You have the option to edit, add, or copy).
  3. Click add and the hashtags will auto-populate in your caption.
  4. Tap update to save the hashtags in your caption. * You can add more # groups from this screen, as long as they don’t exceed 30 hashtags when you’re ready to post.

How To “First Comment” Your Hashtag Group

  1. Want to add your hashtag to your first comment instead? Tap the hashtag group you want to use
  2. Options will come up (edit, add, or copy). Tap on “COPY,” and it will be copied to your mobile clipboard.
  3. Go to your Instagram post, tap on the comment icon to leave yourself a comment, then paste your hashtags that was copied for you and voila! Easy peasy.

Hashtag Tips

  1. Be intentional. Choose hashtags based on your follower community. The right blend of hashtags can help to expose your content to a target or niche audience.
  2. Do your research. Find out what hashtags influential people in your industry are posting and follow suit.
  3. Mix it up. While it’s good to use popular hashtags, it’s also wise to sprinkle in some less popular ones. This helps you not to get lost in the sea of content.
  4. Stay relevant. Use hashtags that are in line with your industry, brand, and audience.

Pro Tips

In the scheduling window, you might notice a plus sign inside of a circle to the left of the hashtag sign. This is another feature we added to the new update that gives you a preview option. Click on it to see a larger version of your image where you can swap or download your photo!

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