Make the Most of Your Create & Cultivate SF Experience with StoriesEdit

As we get closer to the Create & Cultivate conference in San Francisco, we wanted to provide you with a few tips on how to utilize our special StoriesEdit collaboration with them. Our Create & Cultivate x StoriesEdit template collection features twelve customizable templates for you to use when creating content while attending the conference, and beyond the conference too. Check out the collection and learn more here.

To get you ready for this weekend, we’re going to break down three different ways of how you can use these templates while attending the conference to share content your audience will love! These tips can go beyond the Create & Cultivate conference, and can be applied to other events you attend in the future! Read on to see more.


A huge benefit of attending a conference is the ability to network and connect with other like-minded and successful people. These kinds of connections can lead to job opportunities, expansion of your business, fresh ideas, new friends, and much more! When creating Instagram Stories at the conference, make sure you add in the hashtag for the conference. This will help your Stories appear on the complete hashtag Story for the event! The Create & Cultivate San Francisco conference hashtag is #createcultivateSF, so always plug that into your Stories and posts. Also, include your location tag on your Stories to ensure more eyes on your content. Other people attending the conference will be keeping up with the hashtags and location, so it’s a great way to connect with other attendees on the ‘gram – remember to engage with them too!

StoriesEdit Tip: When designing a template on StoriesEdit, add a shape underneath a location tag or hashtag to draw attention to it and make it pop.

“A benefit of attending
a conference is the ability
to network and connect with
other like-minded people.”

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It’s also essential to have some good offline facetime with people at the conference (no iPhones required), so try to put your phone down and focus on putting those networking skills into practice IRL. Use Instagram and Stories as a ticket to follow new friends and connections! Politely slide into their DMs to see if they’d like to grab some coffee at our PLANOLY Café, snap a pic with them there, add them to your Instagram Stories, and tag them! Connections made at Create & Cultivate are meant to last. Use Instagram and Stories to maximize the rewards you can get out of the conference; it’s a fabulous way to stay connected with new people you meet. Also, keep engaging with them after the conference to maintain the relationship!


There are SO many incredible speakers on the panels throughout the conference…Kourtney Kardashian, Giuliana Rancic, Ally Maki, and even our friends Chloe Watts of ChloéDigital and Mimi Chan of LittleFund, to name a few. Panels are filled with lots of wisdom and knowledge, so bring your notebook or laptop to take notes! We’ve created two templates in the collection specifically for sharing quotes. Jot down your favorite quotes and create a StoriesEdit design to share with your followers! Always be sure and tag whoever the quote came from (they might even repost you on Instagram!). Also, if you like any of the tidbits we’ll share during our own workshop at 6:00 PM on the mainstage, make sure to share those too!

“Connections made at
Create & Cultivate
are meant to last.”

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Mentor Sessions

Create & Cultivate offers mentor sessions at their conferences, and it’s an amazing time for attendees to connect with mentors and learn even more. Each attendee is assigned a mentor for the roundtable session where they can ask questions and gain more insight. Definitely take notes during your mentor session, as you will be able to ask specific questions related to your own brand and business and be able to have a round-table discussion. Afterward, you can share specific things you learned with your followers on your Instagram Stories. We’d suggest consolidating your favorite tips and advice you learned from your mentor and laying it out in a template on StoriesEdit in a concise and digestible way for your audience. Remember to tag your mentor as well (and if you have our founder Brandy Pham as your mentor, tag her at @brandypham
and @planoly! You can also take pictures with your mentor to add to a StoriesEdit design and share as a fun memory from the conference.

These are just a few examples of how you can utilize our special Create & Cultivate StoriesEdit collection while you’re attending the conference. However, these takeaways can also be applied when sharing throwback content, and even towards other events in the future. Remember not to overshare every second of your time at the conference, but to use your Instagram Stories as a highlight reel to post the most valuable and interesting moments. Head over to StoriesEdit app or web to see the template collections and start designing straight away!

“Use your Instagram Stories
as a highlight reel to post
the most valuable and
interesting moments.”

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