How to: Link Instagram on Planoly app and web dashboard

How to: link Instagram on app and web dashboard.

iOS app:

If you sign up with our iOS app, simply use sign in with instagram to register. Once you sign in with Instagram, we’ll prompt for your name and email account.


If you register with your email, you will be prompt to link your Instagram account immediately after you register. However, if you do not link right away, you can always link your Instagram account under the menu button (top right corner).

If you register with sign in with Instagram, we’ll prompt you for your name and email address. Your Instagram will now be linked to the email address you provided. You will use the sign in with Instagram for both web and iOS app.

Linking multiple Instagram accounts: Menu (top right corner) > My Profile > Scroll down to IG Accounts > Click on Add Instagram Accounts. (This is where you can unlink Instagram accounts too.)

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