How To Use Pinterest To Grow Your Blog and Instagram

Today, we’re going to talk about one of the biggest game changers when it comes to driving traffic to your blog and Instagram account…PINTEREST! When it comes to driving authentic and organic traffic back to your website, one of the best things you could do is incorporate a great Pinterest strategy.

Did you know a pin is 100 times more spreadable than your average tweet? In case you aren’t currently using Pinterest as a marketing tool, this post is for you! We’re going to talk about how to strategize, share content, and maximize on Pinterest to drive the most traffic back to your site as possible. According to Sprout Social, “Pinterest users are dedicated shoppers, savers, and planners…with 93% of pinners saying they use Pinterest to plan for purchases and 50% who have made a purchase after seeing a pin.” Pinterest is a high-engagement site, and several bloggers top engaging posts on their websites are actually through promotions on Pinterest. It boosts website views drastically and drives so much traffic not only back to your blog, but also to your social channels! All of that to say, Pinterest is amazing when it comes to driving traffic back to your site – it’s time to start maximizing on this tool ASAP.

We’re going to talk about ten different ways in which you can drive traffic back to both your blog & Instagram account via Pinterest. Discover all of our tips below!

“A pin is 100 times
more spreadable than
your average tweet.”

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Pinterest for Blog & Instagram Growth:

You must create a business account (if you haven’t already!), and verify or claim your website FIRST so that Pinterest will recognize your blog and the posts that you pin. Follow the steps below:

  1. Create Pinterest Boards 
    Create fun Pinterest boards to easily separate your content by placing pins into their specific categories (example categories: Style, Food + Drink, Beauty, DIY, etc.). This will make it easier for your followers to view the type of content that they’re looking for.
  2. Pin Your Content
    Make sure that your followers see all of your recent blog posts by pinning new content directly to a designated Pinterest board. Pin from recent posts on your blog and Instagram as soon as they go live!
  3. Be Active on the Platform
    Re-pin & share content often, so that you’re followers are seeing frequent activity across your Pinterest boards. This will keep you relevant and current within the platform.
  4. Connect Your Pinterest Account to Facebook & Instagram
    Connect your Pinterest account to Facebook and Instagram so that you can easily get attribution and analytics for your content that might already appear on Pinterest. You’ll also be able to get stats on each pin, plus gain access to additional Pinterest features.
  5. Join a Pinterest Group Board
    Join a group Pinterest board. Collaborate with other influencers by sharing each other’s content and driving additional traffic to one another’s site through the platform.
  6. Up your SEO Strategy
    Pinterest serves as a search engine, so your SEO game needs to be on point. Focus on creating high-quality content for your readers through the use of your pin quality, image quality, and domain quality.
  7. Focus on Your Copy Description + Text
    Make sure that the description and text on your pin explains what content you’re sharing. Does it easily speak to the image that you shared, and does it get the right point across to your readers? (Don’t forget to ask yourself these questions!)
  8. Pin During Peak Times & Use Tools Like Tailwind
    Pin at specific times during the day when engagement is highest, and utilize tools like Tailwind that make it easy for you to plan and schedule your pins throughout the day. This will allow you to share new content with your readers across the platform quickly.
  9. Enable Rich Pins on Your Account
    Rich pins work by pulling extra information from your blog or website directly to your pins, so it’s great to enable them on your Pinterest Account. Rich pins will also automatically transfer any updated info from your blog straight back to Pinterest!
  10. Add Plugins to Your Site
    If your blog is currently hosted through WordPress, or even if it’s on another platform – it’s best to incorporate plugins on your site so that it will allow your Pinterest content to be easily visible to your readers. You can do this by creating a sidebar widget with all of your recent pins.

We hope you enjoyed our tips for using Pinterest to grow your blog and Instagram. Now, what are you waiting for?! Start Pinning!

“Pinterest serves
as a search engine,
so your SEO game
needs to be on point.”

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