How to Monetize Your Instagram

Instagram, by nature, is known as a vehicle for posting, sharing, and discovering creative content posted by the global community. Though over the years, we’ve seen an influx of users who have broken new ground by transforming their profiles into profitable, engaging businesses. In keeping with these constant changes, it’s important to consider the many opportunities to tap into when it comes to monetizing your Instagram feed. Today’s article will better speak to a few key ways influencers (on both the micro and macro level) are monetizing. We’ll also recap the recent launch of PLANOLY’s highly anticipated ShopLink feature and how it can enhance a brand’s ability to monetize their feed.

Monetizing Your Instagram - Planoly Blog

Affiliate Links

Do you follow your favorite fashion blogger and constantly want everything he or she wears? In most cases, these individuals allow you to indulge in this by including affiliate links in their posts. By joining affiliate networks, users can share product-driven posts and make a commission each time one of their followers clicks over and buys directly. This approach isn’t only limited to fashion though, and content creators in many industries (including food, beauty, and travel) have opportunities to create content that is both creative and lucrative.

Sponsored Content

A more natural approach to monetization involves content creators doing what they do best already – creating content – only this time in partnership with a brand. While the end goal is still to have this content translate into sales, sponsored content also provides an intangible value in that it allows the content creator to maintain their unique point of view while helping a brand build awareness and relevancy. Take the music festival circuit for example. These festivals can tap influencers to not only create content around the lead-up to the event but during the actual event itself. This kind of opportunity provides both monetary and experiential compensation, as in many cases influencers are provided with accommodations, product, and more intangible perks that inevitably influence how they create content while on- site. So for individuals looking to monetize their Instagram presence in this way, the best thing to do is to begin building authentic relationships with brands and companies they align with in both values and aesthetic.

Shop ‘Till You Drop

Another avenue for monetization involves transforming your Instagram profile into a mini e-commerce shop. We’ve seen a recent influx of editors, brands, and content creators using their feeds as a way to sell goods they make, old clothes they don’t want, promote sample sale items/exclusive deals, and more. While this specialized approach may only apply to certain circumstances/industries, it provides those with a crash-course in learning how to create, distribute, and market their content on Instagram.

PLANOLY’s ShopLink Feature

Now that we’ve provided a glimpse into how content creators are monetizing their feeds, we’re excited to touch on PLANOLY’s recent launch of a new feature that will truly democratize these opportunities for all! Enter PLANOLY’s ShopLink feature which will allow brands to sell their products directly from their posts. Specifically, ShopLink enables a brand to import product inventory lists from CSV or Excel files, tag those products directly in their posts (which will then link out to the actual shopping page), and monitor post and purchase performance. This exciting new tool is only the beginning when it comes to PLANOLY’s efforts to bridge the divide between content and commerce. Stay tuned for more on these exciting developments coming soon!

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