Frequently Asked Questions on Planoly

Here at Planoly, there are a few questions that we get asked on a regular basis…whether it’s about auto-posting, our affiliate program, linking an Instagram account, and everything in between. We wanted to give a refresher to our #PlanolyFAM, and put all of the answers to our most frequently asked questions in one easy to find place. Whether you’re new to Planoly or you’ve been using the app for a while, read on to discover a few of our F.A.Q.’s! Chances are, you might find the answers to some lingering questions you’ve had as well.

Why didn’t my content auto post?

  1. You haven’t enabled auto post.
    To enable via the app:
    – Open the Planoly App on your mobile device
    – Tap on the more options icon (3 dots, bottom right).
    – Tap on the ENABLE AUTO POST Banner (top blue banner)
    – Log in with the Facebook account that manages the linked FB Page
    – Repeat the steps above for each IG Account you want to enable auto post for.
  2. Facebook has expired your authorization token, and you need to re-authenticate your account.
  3. Your post doesn’t meet the auto post restrictions set by Instagram. If this is the issue, users should get a red error message when scheduling found just under the scheduled time and date. Users can easily tell if their images are set to auto post by checking to see if there is a white paper airplane in the top left corner of the image’s thumbnail when looking at their grid.

Does Planoly offer custom subscriptions? How do I set this up?

We can customize plans to fit all users needs! Our custom plans start with the DUO plan (2 IG accounts and 2 Total users by default). Each additional IG account or team member is an additional $10/mo to your plan.

Let us know how many IG accounts and total users you need, and we’ll find the best price for you!

I’ve paid – why isn’t my account active?

Whenever you purchase in the App through iTunes, the transaction is entirely handled by Apple, and there may be a slight delay with them sending us the confirmation.

We highly suggest moving your payment from iTunes over to Planoly to keep this issue from recurring, so we can assist you with any billing questions you may have in the future.

To do this, you can go here to upgrade your plan.

Once done, you can go back to iTunes by clicking here and turning off the subscription with Apple.

Is there an affiliate program? How do I receive credit for referring a friend?

Users can find their referral link by going to the menu drop down and clicking refer a friend. Every time they recommend someone to sign up, and they purchase a plan at some point in the future they will receive $5 for each new paid plan.

  • There’s a $50 threshold for payouts
  • Users will be able to see a list of pending and paid out transactions

Why aren’t my posts pushing to Facebook? Can I post to Facebook too?

We have our engineers and product team working on this feature. It will be made available on Planoly in a future update.

Here are a few more new features we’re working on:

  • Pushing simultaneously to Facebook
  • Time Zone switching
  • Editing/Cropping Capabilities
  • Updated Analytics Feature
  • Bulk Scheduling

I am unable to link my Instagram account.

When linking accounts, Planoly gives you two options to link, Business and Personal, which are based on how your Instagram profile is set up, not based on what you use your Instagram profile for.

To link using the Instagram Business option you must have your Instagram account set up as a Business account and linked to a Facebook Business page. If you do not have a Facebook Business page, you will not be able to link through this option as it requires one to complete the process.

If you do not have an Instagram Business account or Facebook Business Page, you can link using the Instagram Personal option.

My content didn’t post and just disappeared from my grid!

This happens when a post is scheduled to post without auto post toggled on or enabled, or the content scheduled doesn’t meet the auto post restrictions set by Instagram. (Learn more about those restrictions here). In this situation, users are sent a push notification to their mobile devices. When posting via, post now or push notification, as soon as you click the link or notification, your image is removed from your grid and placed in your History (found on the mobile app). Once you post it, Instagram then sends it back to your grid as a posted image. To clarify our push notification/post now process:
At the scheduled time of your post, you’ll receive a push notification that will open Instagram when clicked. Copy the message to your mobile device’s clipboard, and move your image/video to the top of your devices photo feed, so all you need to do is select the image/video, double tap in the caption box to paste your message, and post.

You can repost (or move items back to your PLAN grid) previously scheduled content from Planoly via the History option.

Here’s how:
1) Open the Planoly mobile app (iOS/Android)
2) Tap on the more options icon (3 dots, bottom right navigation)
3) Tap on History
4) Tap on the specific pst
— Reposting: Tap on the POST option
— Move to Grid: Tap on the GRID option
— Copy Caption: Tap on the COPY option

I want a receipt for my payment:

Stripe Payments:
To view print and save your receipts, visit your Billing Page and scroll to the Payment History box.

iTunes Subscriptions:
Since your Planoly subscription was via iTunes Subscription, all of your receipts and transactions are handled directly by Apple.

If you need to see this information, here is a link on how to: See your purchase history in the App Store or iTunes Store

How do I schedule a Split Image post?

When scheduling an image grid, you will want to schedule them at least 1-2 minutes apart in order as shown below:

By not spacing the times out Instagram won’t be able to decipher the order of the images scheduled, and they will not be posted in order.

We hope you found this collection of questions and answers to be helpful! As always, if you have a question that wasn’t on here, feel free to reach out to our team at

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