Create & Cultivate San Francisco Recap

Last week we flew to San Francisco to do some serious California dreaming at #CreateCultivateSF. Not only did we bring our PLANOLY Social Café and StoriesEdit x Create & Cultivate templates, but we graced the main stage to share some knowledge with the audience. Our founder, Brandy Pham, led a mentor session for VIP attendees as well!

“Last week we flew to
San Francisco to do
some California dreaming
at Create & Cultivate.”

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As one of our first users from the Planogram days (you’re a real OG if you knew us by that name), Create & Cultivate has been a day 1 supporter of PLANOLY. It only made sense for us to fly out of the Lone Star State and bring some magic to San Francisco. Along with tons of amazing panels, fun booths from brands, and keynotes from Giuliana Rancic, Jenna Dewan, and our favorite, Kourtney Kardashian…we were honored to share the stage with so many powerhouses. 

Missed out on #CreateCultivateSF and need some of the Cliff notes that can make you feel like you were in SF too? Forget the FOMO – we’ve got you!

“Create & Cultivate
has been a day one
supporter of PLANOLY.”

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Introducing the PLANOLY Social Café

We wouldn’t show up to San Francisco without making a grand entrance, so what better way than to debut our very first PLANOLY Social Café? Along with our Austin neighbors at Chameleon Cold Brew, we did a nod to our favorite Lizzo with our cold brew cup sleeves. Add a dash of stunning florals from the floral master Kelsea of East Olivia for a perfect backdrop, and you have yourself a fully-Instagrammable pop-up. *chefs kiss*

Golden Workshop Hour: Mastering Visual Storytelling

As golden hour set on the #CreateCultivateSF mainstage, our founder Brandy Pham and director of marketing Priscilla Castro took the stage. They dropped some knowledge and led VIPs and Create & Cultivate Insiders with a visual storytelling workshop for Instagram and Pinterest. 

We recently launched our Pin Planner, PLANOLY’s newest integration that lets you plan out and schedule your Pinterest content visually. We thrive on ensuring your visual strategy is on lock, so here are a few key takeaways to set yourself up for success on digital channels. 

  • There are over 1B profiles on Instagram and over 300M users on Pinterest. Therefore, the key to standing out is to create quality disruptive content that gives your audience pause and makes a first impression that builds intrigue into the story of your brand. 
  • What actually sells on social? It’s not really your product. It’s the content and story that sells. Facts tell, and stories sell. It’s the reason why Casper has stood out as a disruptor, and Mattress Firm falls flat. 
  • Successful storytelling on visually-driven platforms like Instagram and Pinterest requires a delicate balance between maintaining a cohesive aesthetic and a consistent narrative that’s defined by your brand guidelines.
  • Make sure that with every piece of content, be it a single grid post, a carousel post, carousel Story, or a Pinterest post, that it has a beginning, middle, and end. In the end, ask yourself, what is the overarching narrative of your post? 
  • The prime recipe for creating successful storytelling is crafting content that always educates, inspires, and entertains.
  • There is a world of opportunity to drive more traffic back to your site directly from Pinterest. Not convinced yet? Here are a few key reasons to show it’s power that you can use for your brand’s growth:
    • There are over 200B pins on Pinterest 
    • 77% of weekly Pinners have discovered a new brand or product on Pinterest
    • 83% of weekly Pinners have made a purchase based on content they saw from brands on Pinterest
  • Don’t think of Pinterest as a platform to just find inspiration for celebrations of life milestone’s and holidays, but as a tool to help create a life you love no matter the occasion. See how your brand can fit seamlessly into their lives, and perhaps even make it better with useful Pinterest content. 

Golden Nuggets from #CreateCultivateSF’s Golden Girls 

The women that took the stage at #CreateCultivateSF this year were nothing less than stellar by sharing their advice and formulas to their business’ success. Here are some of the gems that stuck with us from last week’s panels: 

  • Kourtney Kardashian on being the negotiator of your life: “You’re never gonna get a better deal than when you negotiate yourself.”
  • Ali Fedotowsky on collaboration over competition: “Don’t look at your competitor as your competitor, look at them as your best asset.”
  • Our friend Chloé Watts of ChloéDigital on the future of digital and having your own digital autonomy: “Instagram will exist in a different way, and there will be new platforms, so it’s best to be an early adopter when there’s something new. However, a website is the one thing you own and control, so make sure you have your domain on lock to give your audience a home to come back to.”
  • Quigley on the flawed idea that you have to be perfect when creating a digital presence: “Don’t just show the good stuff. Show the before, the after, the bad, show them the big picture, because that’s what people relate to. People don’t relate to perfect!”
  • Also, this formula that Quigley shared on creating compelling visual storytelling through her content is golden: “What I’ve decided to do is to reverse engineer my posts by writing my post captions first, and then decide how I will create the imagery to talk on the topic.”
  • Kellie Brown on leveraging the power of her engaged YouTube audience for her content: “YouTube has been a great way to show my personality more and be engaged to share what they love the most. When you are conversational with your audience, they will tell you what they want to see and what they miss.”
  • Think authenticity is simply a buzzword? Kellie Brown wants you to think again. “Authenticity is sticking to your guns no matter what that means to you because that’s eventually what will pay off.”

We could write a whole book about all the things we learned, and are still buzzing on the momentum of inspiration from this past weekend. We can’t wait to do it all over again! If you joined our PLANOLY Social Café, workshop, or mentor sessions, make sure to share your content on Instagram Stories using our StoriesEdit x CC templates and tag us when sharing your favorite moments! 

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