How to Create a ShopLink Gallery with Planoly

At Planoly, we’ve been hard at work creating an amazing product that will make it as easy as possible to plan your posts and now, boost your sales. Introducing ShopLink, Planoly’s very own, integrated tool that lets you tag products in Planoly to make a shoppable gallery with your Instagram posts. The exciting part about this is that you do not have to ever leave Planoly to get your products tagged – it’s all done on the web dashboard and app! Just add your products, tag your posts with your products, and watch the sales roll in.

How does ShopLink work?

ShopLink mimics your Instagram feed, directing your followers from your link in your Instagram bio to a dedicated ShopLink gallery that has your products tagged on your images. Your Instagram feed is re-created on your personalized ShopLink gallery with direct links to your e-commerce site!

Why We Added ShopLink

We created ShopLink to provide a truly all-in-one solution where you can plan your Instagram posts and tag products linked to your e-commerce site. We wanted to give you a solution to every marketer’s social media dream: Turn your followers into sales.

How to Use ShopLink on Web

Sign Up and Enable (All set-up must be done on Web, not App)

  • Sign in to your Planoly account and find the Shoppable link on upper right-hand corner. A video will play with a quick overview. Click “Upgrade Now” once the video is over.
  • Select Shop for the Instagram account that you want to activate and proceed to pay.
  • You will see a helpful interactive walk-through of how to use ShopLink. Go through it to acquaint yourself with the interface.

Add Products

  • Click on Products to start adding your product catalog. You will be able to post single products one at a time, or use our import template to add many products at once.
  • Adding Single products: Click Add a Product. Add a product image in the upload box and enter your descriptions and price. Make sure to insert the link to the actual product on your e-commerce site.

Import Products

  • Click on Import Excel/CSV and download the sample template. Fill out the template with your products’ information and upload that file to ShopLink.
  • Congratulations! Your products are now ready to tag on your Instagram posts!

Tag existing Instagram posts with products

  • Click on any post you want to tag. Once selected, you will be able to click on any spot in the picture to tag a product. Select the product you want to link and click “add”. You can also Tag the picture to redirect to a link instead.
  • Click on Preview to view your Shop as a follower would see it on Instagram

By default, Shop will only show your most recent 18 Instagram posts

  • To include older Instagram posts in ShopLink, simply click “Add to Shop”.
  • Then select the posts you want to add, and click “add to shop” on the bottom right side of the pop-up screen.

Tag your upcoming Instagram posts while you plan your feed

  • Single Post: Select an image and proceed to plan and schedule as usual. Before exiting the screen, just click on any place on the image that you want to tag a product, and select the product you want to link.
  • Multi-post & Video: When scheduling multi-post or video assets, you will be able to use the “redirect to link” option. Tagging products, in this case, will not be allowed.
  • Remove posts that are not ShopLink: You may not want some of your Instagram posts to appear on your ShopLink interface. Lucky for you, you can remove those pictures easily just by clicking on the red X (upper right-hand side)

Add your ShopLink feed link to your Instagram Bio!

This is what your Followers will click on to start shopping straight from Instagram.

How to Create a Shoppable Instagram Feed with Planoly Link in Bio

Pro Tips

  • Embedded Link: You can also add Shoppable as an embedded link on your site! Just contact and we’ll help you get that set up.
  • Plan Ahead: Keep in mind which products you want to promote on Instagram and incorporate that in your weekly planning sessions so you can take full advantage of our all-in-one solution for scheduling posts and tag products at the same time.
  • Call To Action: Add a call to action above the link in your Instagram bio as well as in your captions when posting your Instagram content or Instagram Stories. Try something like “Shop my Instagram by clicking my link in profile” or “Shop my feed by tapping my LINK IN BIO” or “SHOP MY FEED”.
  • Featured Posts & Headline: Use the editable headline text and the interchangeable featured posts slots (first two on mobile, first 4 on web) to highlight products and promos. You can drag your featured post pics to the top to switch them out.

Planoly Shoppable Demo

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